Quality Evaluation Policy

Our 12HoursEssay.com team works hard on providing excellent quality and assistance with all your academic needs. Sometimes because of unforeseen circumstances unpleasant situations may occur and in such cases we are ready to compensate you for the unsatisfactory experience.

In order to help our customers voice any concerns they may have regarding their order, a special procedure - Quality Evaluation - has been created. This procedure is headed by our Customer Experience Managers, whose main responsibility is to leaves every single client satisfied after the completion of the Quality Evolution of an order. To get professional and fast assistance, we recommend you initiate the Quality Evaluation procedure with our team rather than with the payment system. The procedure comprises of just several steps and is rather simple.

What do I do if I'm not satisfied with the quality of the paper I received?

Send the order for revision.

Ask for a different writer.

Quality Evaluation

What does Quality Evaluation mean?

During the Quality Evaluation procedure an official negotiation is held between our Customer Experience Manager and you regarding the possible refund/credit or any other compensation for the unsatisfactory experience you encountered.

When do I quality for a Quality Evaluation?

Before initiating the Quality Evaluation process, make sure to first read our Terms of Use.

What are the steps to send my order for Quality Evaluation?

  1. 1. Inform our Customer Support Representative about the problem with your order.
  2. 2. Look through the automatically generated message and confirm that you would like to initiate the Quality Evaluation with your Customer Experience Manager.

How long will Quality Evaluation take?

The Customer Experience Manager shall provide a resolution for your order within 14 days from the moment your order was set on the status.

Is there any way to get my order in time and avoid Quality Evaluation?

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