Who are 12 Hours Essay?

12HoursEssay are you and us. Us, because we were students once, and we are all too familiar with the joy of completing those dreaded assignments. You, because we decided to put our expertise and experience at your service. By alleviating your homework burden, we help you enjoy the best years of your life.

What makes us unique

We are professional

We hold this truth to be self-evident: when you give your hard-earned money to a company, you should only expect to receive a product of the highest quality.

As responsible and competent essay writers for hire, we always strive to improve and optimize every aspect of our business, so that our customers receive impeccable service.

All of our writers hold at least a graduate degree - and, in many cases, even a doctoral degree.

We use a rigorous quality control system that involves manual checks by editors and automated plagiarism scans. Moreover, every order is eligible for unlimited free revisions for 2 weeks after its delivery.

We genuinely care

We take pride in our reputation not only as a leading provider of academic papers, but also as an outstanding customer service company. Our customer care is appreciated by the almost 500 students who return to us each month.

We strive to understand your needs and preferences in order to make your time with us more enjoyable. You can even send us a sample of your work, and our writers will adjust their writing style to resemble yours.

We also offer you personalized discounts, and you are free to request a preferred writer for all of your orders.

We are realistic

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. That's why you won’t find any empty or exaggerated promises on our website - we only guarantee what we can deliver.

Our prices fairly represent what proficient English-language academic writers request for their work.

Our shortest deadline is 12 hours, which is the optimal time needed to find a qualified writer to work on your assignment, have them write your paper, and complete a full quality check.

In the rare case that we cannot find a writer qualified to work on your order, we will notify you immediately - we would never risk delivering a subpar paper to you.

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Meet our team
Writing team

You can probably tell by now that we like talking about our writers - and that's because we want to give due credit to our heroes.

Our writers are walking encyclopedias of in-depth and up-to-date knowledge in their academic fields. Combine that with writing know-how, and you’ll get a team of essay gurus.

Apart from writing, their job duties include continuous learning - an essential foundation of our business.

Quality control team

Since writers are only human and also happen to make mistakes, we send every paper through a quality control stage before delivering it to you.

These guys are famous for their eagle vision. They are on the constant lookout for missing letters and commas, and they are certain to hunt each mistake down.

They also scan your order for plagiarism to ensure that all ideas and text are properly referenced.

Customer support team

Our customer care specialists are the invisible helpers who step in when you need their assistance, whether you are a new or returning customer.

Not sure how to place your order or pay for it?

They'll guide you through the process.

Have an urgent question about your paper while your writer is on a break? Just let our customer support team know, and they’ll get back to you with an answer immediately.

Operations team

Our operations team comprises of IT, finance, and marketing professionals.

We didn’t group them together because they are less important to our business - on the contrary, it is their hard work that makes your experience seamless and enjoyable.

These experts ensure the safety of all your website activity, including financial transactions, and develop personalized deals just for you.

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