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Currently, our team consists of more than 150 professional essay writers with advanced degrees in a variety of disciplines. If you are curious about how we select and train our writers, you are in the right place. This page provides an overview of our recruitment process and introduces you to some of our writers, so you can learn about the background, skills, and qualifications of our typical employee.

What makes us unique

How we choose them

We know from experience that many people confuse professional academic writing with freelance work: "You just stay in your pajamas all day long and occasionally type something, right?"

Wrong. The job of custom essay writers is fast-paced and demanding, and applicants must meet high standards to join our team.

We expect all applicants to have an advanced university degree and demonstrate excellent research and writing skills. This should go without saying, but we only consider applicants who are proficient in the English language.

Once we review the applicant’s CV and writing samples, we may request that they complete a test assignment, if they match our profile. Should the candidate be successful, they will then be invited to start a trial period at our company.

Only those candidates who successfully complete all stages of our rigorous recruitment process are fortunate enough to call themselves professional essay writers at

How we train them

Continuous learning is one of the foundations of our business, and all of our employees are expected to constantly grow and develop professionally.

First of all, every new member of our writing team, regardless of their prior experience, goes through an on-boarding training program. This step is essential to ensure that we can deliver the quality our customers expect from us.

During this initial training, we continuously monitor our new writers’ progress through exams and test assignments. Even once new writers become full-time members of our team, they still don’t get to kick back and relax.

We have developed a set of performance indicators, and we collect and analyze performance data on all of our employees. This data helps us track and address any work-related problems that may occur.

A small division of our quality control team is also tasked with tracking recent developments in the sphere of education to ensure that we provide up-to-date and accurate services.

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Meet our team


Education: Master’s Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN), Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Anatomy

Since early childhood, I’ve been fascinated by biology and human anatomy, so choosing my field of study was rather easy.

I enjoy investigating new areas and recent developments in the field.

I am a registered nurse, and I received my license over seven years ago. Prior to joining the company, I worked as a health policy expert.

Specialization: biology, medicine, nursing, anatomy and physiology


Education: Master of Accounting (MAcc), Bachelor of Science (BS) in Finance and Accounting Management

I have over ten years of experience as an accountant. Prior to becoming a professional academic writer, I worked with and consulted several startups.

I particularly enjoy evaluating the financial performance of companies, as well as providing business strategy recommendations.

Specialization: business administration, accounting, management, finance, entrepreneurship


Education: PhD in International Development, Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in International Relations, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History

I am a retired humanitarian aid and development professional with years of field experience at several international organizations.

My academic interests include regional studies, particularly about Central Asia.

I have presented my research about development and democratic transition at several conferences and have published it in peer- reviewed journals.

Specialization: history, political science and international relations, international law, conflict management


Education: Master of Arts (MA) in English Literary Studies, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Language and Literature

I am a UK-based writer passionate about 20th century literature. My primary interests revolve around the work of modernist writers, especially Virginia Woolf and D.H. Lawrence.

In my free time, I enjoy writing short stories, and I have recently started experimenting with poetry. I am currently enrolled in the MA in Creative Writing program at the Open University.

Specialization: literature, creative writing, cultural studies


Education: Master's Degree English Language and Literature at the University of Edinburgh

I have been working as an academic advisor for undergraduate students for nine years and I am willing to share her knowledge about writing.

My passion for writing began when I was a child and has only grown since then. My biggest accomplishment is being able to make a living from my writing, which is something that still amazes me.

My goal is to create content that not only informs but also inspires people to take action on the topics they read about.

Specialization: travel, lifestyle, health and wellness, business, finance, technology


Education: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English from Utah State University

I am a web copywriter with several years' experience in web marketing and SEO copywriting. I started out writing online marketing copy for big-box online retailer Overstock and web marketing-related technical materials for StoresOnline.

As a freelancer, I'm created seo articles, creative articles, research articles and other web content for Internet marketing firms such as Writtent, as well as many small business owners.

I write blog posts, press releases, SEO articles, website reviews, sales letters, and other web marketing materials clients need to effectively sell online.

Specialization: arts, history, literature, marketing, speech writing

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